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Degrassi Icon Challenge: Do You Have What It Takes?

Degrassi Icon Challenge
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All Members , Moderated

degrassi_draws is on a brief summer break. Please feel free to join so you will be notified when we are coming back!!!

Welcome to degrassi_draws.

Here's the 411:

I will pick different screencaps each week. You may do whatever you want to the screencap and use whatever text you want. Spoilers ARE allowed.

1) Post all entries in this journal.
2) Entries are due by each Friday, 7PM EST.
3) Voting occurs between Friday, 8PM EST and Sunday, 7PM EST. To vote, leave a comment with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.
4) The winners and new screencaps will be posted by Sunday, 10PM EST.
5) One entry per person.
6) No other screencaps may be used in the icon apart from the one(s) posted for that week's challenge.
7) Icons must be 100x100 or less.
8) No mini movies or animation.
9) Only members of the community can vote in each week's challenge.
10) Do not vote for your own icon.
11) Don't vote for an icon just because your friend made it. Let's be fair here.
12) When posting your icon entry, please also post the URL underneath the icon. This makes it much easier for me when posting them to vote.
13) PLEASE do not use your icon entry for anything until AFTER the challenge ends. If your icon is seen in your journal or any other community before the challenge ends, it will be disqualified.

Our Past Challenges & Winners

Current Challenge: #15- Lyric Challenge: Howie Day - Collide

Any questions? Contact your moderators caltrask55 at caltrask55@comcast.net and/or snowlikethat at snowlikethat@gmail.com

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